Commerce at Western

Types of Security Breaches

A bank card security breach can manifest itself in a variety of different ways.  Below we have detailed six potential security breachs that Merchants must remain aware of.

Forms or Documentation Compromised

If forms and documentation related to a commercial transaction have been tampered with, accessed inappropriately, or removed without consent, Western's Security Breach Protocol should be followed. 

Point of Sale (POS) Device(s) Compromised

If the Merchant suspects that POS device(s) have been tampered with, Western's Security Breach Protocol should be followed.

Electronic Client Data Compromised

If at any time the Merchant suspects that internal systems have been accessed inappropriately or if  the Merchant suspects that data might have been altered, deleted, or compromised, Western's Security Breach Protocol should be followed.

Missing Items

In the case where forms or documentation has gone missing, paperwork has been misplaced, or records are absent from a data system and the Merchant does not think that a compromise has occurred, Western's Security Breach Protocol should be followed.

Technical Breach

If the Merchant suspects a data system has been breached or has been targeted for hacking, Western's Security Breach Protocol should be followed.

Unauthorized Wireless Device

Similar to the Technical Breach, if the Merchant suspects that there is an unauthorized technology component present in the PCI environment, Western's Security Breach Protocol should be followed.